“To begin with, ‘I’ll paint the town red.’”

Will Americans vote themselves into autocracy?

“We’re not a democracy,” U.S. Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) Tweeted Oct. 7 setting off a minor storm in an election season made up of almost nothing but storms.

Knocking down authoritarian aspirations

Luckily, 2020 provides the opportunity to knock down the authoritarian ambitions with a wrecking ball for at least a few years. The reason you’re hearing Lee and, in turn, other Republicans and right-wing “intellectuals” disparaging democracy is because it’s working against them. If they fail to hold on to power this year, they may not have the chance to come back to power.

Fight the future and lose

There’s no telling what 2022 and 2024 may sow if Republicans lose the House, Senate and Presidency. The next federal election in 2022 doesn’t have a lot of opportunities for them to pick up seats and they could face even more devastating losses depending on how Trump handles what looks like an electoral defeat. If they line up behind him despite a clear-cut victory for Joe Biden, they will likely doom themselves and bring about their demise faster than demographics. If the current trend continues, they are looking at becoming the rural party, representing large districts with low densities, still clinging to the national county map that shows them “ruling” America. They’ll still long for the old days of the Republic’s founding when gentlemen farmers who owned large amounts of property and slaves held the most power in government and keep working to circumvent the popular vote and eventually the electoral vote (which Trump looks prime to do this year if that doesn’t go his way). Over time and census by census, you’ll probably see their numbers shrink as more rural young people pack the cities and older urbanites choose to find slower lives past the suburbs. The Republicans will see their districts get bigger but their numbers grow smaller.

Weirdo who writes futurist-tinged columns about technology and science’s impact on society by night. Unfortunately, 2020 compels me to do politics too.

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